Stedman Graham Executive Director

Bernie Blanks, Sr.


Founded in 1988, Concerned Citizens of Whitesboro, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization dedicated to the social and economic development of the residents of Whitesboro (Middle Township), New Jersey. 


Conceived as an enduring grassroots organization taking a proactive approach to improving leadership, representation and community programs, CCWI is committed to building a strong and vibrant community through local organization and development.


Ongoing programs & events include the CCWI Vera Smith Community Food Pantry, CCWI Rainbow Homework Club, CCWI Rainbow Summer Camp Program, Annual "Skip Cares & Bethel Commandment Church Thanksgiving Dinner Program",  Annual John Roberson Scholarship Golf Tournament and Annual Whitesboro Reunion Festival.  CCWI also hosts voter registration drives and meet the candidate events, programs for senior citizens, provides support services for families in need, and collaborates with and supports other local non-profit organizations.  

Central to our mission is the healthy development of youth and improved quality of life for the residents of the community.  CCWI is committed to fostering a unified framework for development that every stakeholder can embrace.  We believe that this objective is best achieved through structured interventions focused on education and recreation as well as a network of strategic alliances with like-minded community and civic organizations.

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